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By Hannah Brewer

  1. Untitled
    By Mackenzie Oster
Such an innocent task it is
To pick up a seashell from the ocean floor and claim it as yours
For it is such a beautiful symbol of purity, each ridge so unique.
So simple,  
To take it from the sand and carry it around for as long as you can keep track of it,
Eventually forgetting about its existence.
How easy it is
To pick a flower from the ground to love and admire,
Then let it slowly wither away
As your time becomes consumed with other beauties.
That is just how simple it could be
For you to rob me of my heart.
In an instant I could go from being my own to becoming yours,
And whether to you I am a temporary item or a prized possession,
I wish for nothing more than to belong in your grasp.