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The Clown

By Hannah Brewer

  1. Untitled
    By Ashley Kate Dornan, 10
Remember me, with the bushy rainbow hair?
Every fall in this haunted house, I’m a scare.
No one gets close to me, they all run away.
Why does nobody want to play?
Pay fifty cents and you can see
Inside my lovely home, please agree.
I promise I won’t hurt you, don’t be afraid,
Ah, there you go, come with me now that you’ve paid.
Let’s take a quick look around this place,
Follow my lead, and get rid of that terrified face.
Why can’t you listen to me when I say
That I won’t harm or scare you today?
But, do you see my friend over there?
The one with the chainsaw and frizzy hair?
I can’t promise you that she won’t get mad,
Just, don’t go near her, she wouldn’t be glad.
Come on now, over this way.
It is probably best if we don’t stray.
We must keep moving, so I have time
To show you the best room – it’s all mine!
Right up here, turn left, into this room.
Yes, here. I’m sorry that I have to do this, but you were already in doom.
The second you stepped into my house, you should’ve known
I’m not your friend, and this is not a good home.
Go on now, hurry up, and don’t be afraid
But let me just tell you; you shouldn’t have listened to me, you shouldn’t have paid.