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A Most Peculiar Suburban Phenomenon

By Meredith McCain

  1. Objective Insight
    Objective Insight
    By Ashley Wu
A tightly formed line of ants moves with purpose toward a distant destination. Their tiny little exoskeletons move about jauntily, their six petite legs scurrying over polished wood. An identical line approaches, heading in the opposite direction. They have the same goal in mind. The two lines travel as traffic does, each courteously keeping to the right. Every time two of the identical little creatures approach each other, they stop momentarily and make a motion as if they are butting heads. This occurs repeatedly, in a sort of pattern: walk, stop, butt heads, walk, stop, butt heads. There exists a keen sense of comradery between the ants as they continue this pattern; as a whole it appears like a chaotic yet well-meaning symphony. As they arrive at their destination, they clamor inside for a good helping of the sweet nourishment that awaits them. Yet I, the omnipotent being here, know the futility of their mission. They will shortly be dead, lying shriveled up on the polished wood floor, then they will be scooped up and unceremoniously dumped in a trash bag full of un-poisoned scraps of food. Oh, the irony. But for now, they blindly continue their quest, and I have no way of warning them of the danger that lies ahead. They continue on throughout the night; I see them in the wee hours of the morning, still moving towards their target and communicating the wonders of their bounty to any passers-by. Their eagerness and vivacity are approaching an end. I return after twelve hours; the sight is horrendous. They lay scattered, shriveled up on the very ground that held so much promise only hours earlier. These creatures, which we’ve somehow deemed menacing, are now so vulnerable and lifeless. What had they done to deserve this? They were merely in the wrong place at the wrong time. Their unselfish teamwork and communication ultimately led to their demise at the hands of a stronger force. And I, the omnipotent, sat back and let it all unwind, like a barely wound clock on the verge of quitting.