Table of Contents

Issue 1
False Spring by Allison Rothrock
Slaughterer by Svetha Pulavarty
The Unfinished House by Molly Friedel
Got Milk? by Sherry Luo
Icarus by Dale Kerem

Issue 2
Paper Cranes  by Molly Friedel
A Lovely Day for Winter  by Allison Rothrock
Bouquet of Robins  by Svetha Pulavary
Siren  by Dale Kerem
Amazonian Hibiscus  by Sherry Luo

Issue 3
Why You Should Vote for Ben Carson by Rahul Gautam
The Boat and the Sea by Chris Peck 
Automag by Molly Friedel 
Glass Serenade by Svetha Pulavarty
The Fiddler Man by Allison Rothrock 

Issue 4
St. Luciens White Flowers by Allison Rothrock
Coffee by Kayley Ulmer
On the Origin of Perfection by Sherry Luo
Graffiti by Svetha Pulavarty
Woman 2 by Meredith McCain

Issue 5
Red Hunting Hood by Sherry Luo
The Witching Hour  by Molly Friedel
Disney Parks: Where Nightmares Come True  by Kayley Ulmer
Mycophobia by Allison Rothrock
​Fire-Heart  by Svetha Pulavarty

Issue 6
January Shadows by Svetha Pulavarty
A Most Peculiar Suburban Phenomenon  by Meredith McCain
Muda   by Sherry Luo
Reality  by Molly Friedel
​High School Senior Lamentations  by Meredith McCain

Issue 1
What I Know of Love by Ashley Wu
Nature by Hannah Brewer
A Brief Social Satire by Meredith McCain
Palm Lines  by Sherry Luo
Syzygy by Dale Kerem

Issue 2
Knife Blade Ballerina  by Ashley Wu
The Clown  by Hannah Brewer
Catharsis  by Meredith McCain
Candabella  by Sherry Luo
Ghost  by Ashley Wu

Issue 3
Boy in the Big Red Jacket by Christopher Ausburn 
Ode to Donald by Ben Radak and Austin Thompson
Berlin by Max Xiu
Sunday Afternoon and Tuesday Morning Gloom by Dale Kerem 
The Pianist by Ashley Wu

Issue 4
Forward (The Endless Night) by Justin Lin
Eight Years in Siberia by Anamica Menon
Our Sons At War by Shva Star
The Hike by Carly Peterson
Window by Leila Mohammadizadeh

Issue 5
​Here Lies a Poem About a Pond  by Morgan Ogryzek
Hiraeth  by Dale Kerem
Fire by Leila Mohammadizadeh
Another's Eyes  by Shva Star
The Face(s) of Time  by Meredith McCain

Issue 6
There's Nothing Much Left Here by Leila Mohammadizadeh
The Bad Children by Shva Star
Undeclared by Dale Kerem
Moonshine by Shva Star
Sweet Land of Liberty by Meredith McCain