Table of Contents

Issue 1
           Butterfly  by Avanti Tulpule
 by Daniela Hernandez 
​           Meeting Fate by Chance
 by Katie Hutnick 
 by Daniela Hernandez 
​           Moving Van by Audrey Hirshberg 
           Berlin, 1981 by Kayley Ulmer
           Silver Tongue
by Allison Rothrock 
           The Hunt at 128
by Jenna Rabin
           Splinters in Time by Kayley Ulmer
           What We Don't Know by Maya Joseph 

Issue 2
          Reactance and Rebound by Mumtaz Ahmed
          For the Love of Writing by Ansley Wiederholt
          Clay Pigeons by Kayley Ulmer
          As the Sun Goes Down by Daniela Hernandez
          Sanctum by Avanti Tulpule

 Issue 1       

​         Even Lovers Drown   by Daniela Hernandez
by Allison Rothrock 
by Ashley Wu
         Georgia Summer 
by Avanti Tulpule 
         Grandfather's Promise 
by Hannah Brewer
         Growing Pains
by Katie Hutnick 
by Eleena Ghosh 
         Law of Disorder
by Ashley Wu
         Requiem of a Summer Solstice
by Audrey Hirshberg
         Since Feeling is First
by Mackenzie Oster
by Avanti Tulpule 

         Her Resplendant Love by Mumtaz Ahmed
         The Leeches
by Sophia Vaughan 
         Symphony of the Horde
by Eleena Ghosh 
         Maps of Your Skin
by Mumtaz Ahmed
         Vegas Boy by Ansley Wiederholt

Issue 2
          Modern Martyrs by Daniela Hernandez
          What I Know of Your Silhouette by Avanti Tulpule
          Royal Jelly by Maya Joseph
          Identity Blues by Eleena Ghosh
          Dress Up by Mackenzie Oster
          Boy With Apple by Allison Rothrock
          Cutting Corners by Audrey Hirshberg
          Atropos by Ansley Wiederholt
          Greek Statues by Ashley Wu
          Son of the Sun by Maya Joseph
          Night Rather Than Day by Maya Joseph
          Not for Children Under Three by Allison Rothrock