To 2015 - 2016

By Leila Mohammadizadeh

  1. Untitled
    By Dasia Braxton, 11
    Don’t quell that inexhaustible
fire, raging true and stripping
bare the flesh so tenderly hiding
all that was once revered - now
hated and ghastly ajar.

Let it burn and burn away
the fear once held, the feeling
of dread so seemingly
inescapable, tightly gripping
at the heart that no longer loves.

Stay the water from this flame
that rages on, melting away the
mind that crushes itself - its own
weapon when all hope is lost,
encouraging dread, lovely dread.

It burns, it burns, it burns -
does it end at all?
Does the pain fail you
leading to the fall?
The hope is there,
it is always there.

Don’t stop that fire,
raging hot and true to
burn away what was, from
the ashes rises a phoenix bold
and brave, ready to fly anew
and grace the world once
more -

Passionate flame giving way now,
the soft glow of love warming new.