To 2016-2017

By Maya joseph

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    By Mackenzie Oster

In and out.

That was all there was to it.

We're all so used to it that sometimes we forget we're even doing it.

It was nothing more than a rule to life that we have been doing over time, there's nothing special or particular about it.

But like a fool, I found myself falling in love with the way you breathe.

It all transpired on the last day of the first semester, everyone including myself was rushing out in to the cold winter air.

It was loud as it seemed to be all the students were talking all at once about their plans for the short break. It was crowded at the entrance of the building, a thick layer of snow completely covered the yard, traces of boots engraved in the ice.

With those minor details in mind, it wasn't much of a surprise when I landed on my front, my backpack skidding a couple of feet in front of me.

But what did surprise me was the mop of messy hair that suddenly appeared in front of my eyes and this person picking up my materials at record speed.

And that's when I heard it.

"Are you alright?" Your voice, soft and heavy, labored quick breaths in between each word as you helped me up.

You left in a flash once the deed was done, but I could not stop thinking about it.
I wasn't one to care about what a person sounded like, but this was different.
Is it weird of me to think that the sharp inhale you took before you sneezed became one of my favorite sounds?

I must be insane, but maybe not alone, since the wheezing noise that erupted from your mouth as you laughed became the office's favorite joke.

It wasn't until we got together that I started appreciating it much more.
The quiet yet meaningful chuckles that were reserved only for me.

When our fingers would intertwine, the relaxed exhale that passed your lips became a source of comfort for me.

Throughout our time together, I realized that the soft, trembling breaths that escaped you in our most tender moments were my favorite.

And as I,
Leaned in close, the machines around us beeping to the sound of your dulling heart, and listened to you take your last breath.

It was still as beautiful as it always has been.