To 2015 - 2016
The Pianist

By Ashley Wu

  1. Untitled
    By Allison Rothrock, 10
She sighs breath into circulation.
The fire licks up the ice in blue strands
a shiny mass-produced chunk of thoughts and whims
grounded in the center of the room painted as the sky.
A tree with ivory branches and pitch black leaves.
When the wind rustles through,
the leaves kiss the air.
Inhale, exhale.
Crisp greenery crunches under her fingers.
The wrinkled bark skin is chipped of its paint.
Wisps of breath dust the keyboard.
A single semblance of peace echoes out her parched mouth.
Not lips as they are vessels of truth.
Spilling out commandments as they are written.
Every uttered word is etched onto ancient crypts.
The divine medley of her voice
intertwined with piano keys.
Isn’t it amazing
how eloquently the strings of her throat liquidize
trickle down the strings of the piano
glacial cerulean slipping out both?
Those petty humans
insignificant as specks of candy
dust melting in heat.
Toss away their lives to find immortality.
I have found it.
It’s in the dip of her poetic crown
The gentle swoop of her voice
As it encases words in plastic.
Tell me who I am, pianist.
Tell me who I am supposed to be.
Drowning in a room of people who are not you.
Watch them part
one by one.
Flicker and the flame dies out.
Your iron grip falters as less people believe.
Everyone’s just way too busy
chasing their own tails.
Ruddy blind lumbering beasts
Wrapped in self-devouring cannibalism.
Spare a minute
Save the music.
Spilling her guts out in thick paste
to an audience of uninhabited rickety chairs.