To 2016-2017

By Ansley Wiederholt

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    By Ansley Wiederholt
He comes only once a year, never staying in one place very long because of his job. It’s cold, heartless, dangerous. Begging him to quit is useless, as he always does his job, even if he is seen as an enemy. He doesn't care, for it’s what he is and he is what he is. No one can stop him from doing what he does best, even if it means he has to be empty and lifeless.

And at the end of his visit, he leaves you behind, red faced and messy-haired,
wondering where he goes until he shows up again the next year. But in that time you recover, and you see the world get a little lighter, feel warmer, less suffocating. But still, you wait for him to return.

You hear people say he spends time in Australia, sometimes Africa, South America for a little while, but no where you can go to meet up with him. He’s always away, and he never says goodbye. He’s merciless, always opposite you, always when you need him most. He just can't come home that easily.

Hate him, love him, he’s gentle with a hint of danger. He has a temper, but he means no harm. Secretly loved, but widely disgraced. A wallflower, if flowers could grow with him. He’s cozy, gentle, and able to settle. Yet when he’s angry, he’s harsh and unforgiving, spiteful to everyone equally.

But that’s just who Jack Frost is, and you can't control Jack Frost.