To 2015 - 2016
To Fall 2015
Here lies a poem about a pond

By Morgan Ogryzek

  1. Untitled
    By Molly Friedel, 12
  Across the bay and over a hill,
a crystal clear pond lies in agony.
There lie no ripples, nor an echo of sound,
nor one silent buzz of a cricket, nor a singular croak of a frog.
The blurred edges replace your concrete expectation,
and a thousand raindrops could not shatter the surface of this pond.
 The very nature of this pond bars you from crossing.
You don’t cross at all.
 You may enter, but there’s no end.
The very nature of this pond proves not to be the shallow bottoms of your imagination.
It’s so vast that you lose sight of the other side, if that exists.
 It’s so deep that those seven years of swimming practice can’t save you from being devoured.
You run for the hills, but your legs are gone.
Your body’s gone.
The pond has drained and you have drowned.
And after your eyes wander the depths of your surroundings, the pond has vanished.
And you are very much alive, standing in a hole that was once a pond.