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A Deal with the Devil 


  1. Untitled Church
    Untitled Church
    By Allison Rothrock

“I can tell you're having a tough time deciding,” he mocked.

His hands were folded tightly together, and his lips were sporting an all-too-charming smirk. The devil was casually sipping from a cup of warm tea, of all things.

“My offer,” he remarked. “Remains simple. It's a choice. You said your greatest mistake was a man, correct? You regret losing him. Your choice, Violet: you can assure you’ll spend the rest of your life with this man, at the price of your soul. You can, of course, choose to keep your soul (for now) and walk away as you were. Only, this time, you'll never cross paths with him again.”

She remained perplexed, tugging absently on the chain around her neck. Violet nearly asked him how he even knew Zachary was alive, or that he remembered her; she shut her mouth again upon the realization that he knew everything there was to know.

After taking a shallow sip of English tea, he grimaced in Violet’s direction.

“A cross pendant? Seriously,” he chuckled.

Violet had forgotten that she even wore that necklace anymore.

“What, this?”

She pinched the cross in two fingers, gesturing it to Lucifer.

She laughed, “Oh, please! I'm the furthest thing from religious. I haven't been to church since I was, like, ten years old”

He cocked an eyebrow at this, intrigued by the idea of an atheist having thought this long about one of his offers. Upon checking the shiny watch on his wrist, he frowned.

“I have other deals to negotiate. Because I like you, I will give you twelve hours to make your decision. Oh, and, don't even bother trying to run off. I'll come to you,” he said.

With that, he collected his tea and disappeared out the coffee shop door and around the corner.

Violet stayed behind, though.

She thought of Zack and oversized hoodies that had lost their signature scent. Zack was her sophomore year of college and sour candy; he was the memory of standing in pouring rain storms and keeping warm with heartfelt kisses. He had been fresh strawberries dipped in sugar and impromptu dance parties at 2am.
Violet smiled down at her half-eaten pastry. She really had loved Zack. Hell, she'd always considered him to be the love of her life.

The decision had been considered, and hit her with full force, as she passed by that old restaurant they’d been to on their first date. It had been shut down, she noticed; the furniture had been removed and the sign had been reduced to a faint outline.

Zachary might have been a key part in her fondest college memories, but her years as a student were far over. And, as far as Violet was concerned, so were she and Zack.

By the time eleven hours and forty two minutes had passed, Violet had made her final decision.

Lucifer showed up not a second too late.

[[]] [[]] [[]]

“Have you made up your mind yet?”

“Jesus Christ, you scared me!” Violet had been so startled by his abrupt appearance that she'd accidentally thrown the book she was reading across the room.

He chuckled, perching himself on the sofa facing opposite her.

As Violet lifted her eyes, and they landed on a demon disguised as a man with neat caramel curls and cerulean blue eyes, she had never been so sure about anything in her life.

The devil scrunched his nose up in disgust at her word choice.

“Jesus Christ? No, I’m the Devil.”

She blushed a light pink and stuttered an embarrassed apology at her awkward outburst.

He merely laughed.

“I've made my choice, Lucifer,” she said.

His lips curled upwards at the edges. He was delighted to have completed another deal.

“Look,” Violet began. “I loved Zachary, sure. But honestly, I think he got away for a reason. I don't have an answer for you, Lucifer --”

He pulls a silver vial from his pocket, disappointed that she'd made such a grave mistake, only to be stopped by the rest of her explanation.

“I don't want to be with Zachary. Um,” she eyed him cautiously.

“You're going to think I’m insane --”

“I’d be glad to have another psychopath around,” he joked.

“But,” she continued. “When you arrived at my doorstep, you told me I had a third option. You hadn't meant to say it, I assume, but that's what I choose. I don't want to see Zachary again, and never seeing him wouldn't be a burden at all.”

Lucifer smiled at her. Violet had just made a counteroffer, one that he'd always dreamt of hearing but always thought too insane, even for the devil himself.

“Just to clarify: you're saying that you voluntarily want to join me in Hell. You do realize, Violet, this deal lasts for eternity. If you choose to spend the rest of time with me, in the underworld, you would have to live as I do. You’d have to die, first. I don't really get-”


He nearly fell off of his seat in surprise at the tone of voice she'd used. No one had ever spoken to him like that; he found it weirdly comforting.

When Lucifer had first picked Violet as his next business partner, he had done so out of pure curiosity for the beautiful woman who’d been sitting on the edge of a dock at three am, reading a book with a flashlight. The last thing he'd ever expected was for anyone to choose his joke of a third option. Lucifer, who had seen every last sinner, had yet to meet anyone as willing, and possibly as psychotic, as Violet.

“Well, love,” he shoved the vial back into his pocket and clasped her hand in his.

“I think all those lonely millenniums were worth the wait.”

As Violet clasped her shaking hands in Lucifer’s, she realized just how wrong everyone had been.

Someone had to oversee the darkest parts of the afterlife. God loved Lucifer, at one time, and he'd chosen him as the Fallen Angel to oversee every sinner for the rest of time. It wasn't exactly like humans were good, by nature.

So, when she followed Lucifer out of her front door and to whatever adventures awaited her, Violet was excited to be uncertain for the first time in her life.